Who is behind Nopixel?

Meet the Nopixel Team

Server Owner

Mitchell Clout, lives in Wagga Wagga (Australia), born: September 28, 1984


GTAWiseGuy, named Robin Williams, based in UK

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This person is behind Nopixel: Mitchell Clout

About NoPixel

NoPixel 4.0 distinguishes itself from other roleplay servers by enforcing rigorous regulations and cultivating an exceedingly immersive roleplaying atmosphere. In this simulated metropolis, participants embody distinct personas, collaborating to produce dynamic and individualistic narratives. Owing to its committed player community, intricate roleplaying mechanisms, and adept moderation, NoPixel 4.0 is widely regarded as one of the foremost roleplaying encounters in the FiveM community. Notably, NoPixel 4.0’s proprietor, Mitchell Clout, hails from Wagga Wagga.


Frequently asked questions

Koil is an Australian called Mitchell Clout who lives in Wagga Wagga. He is born September 28, 1984.

GTAWiseGuy is a person from UK. He is co-owner of the Nopixel server.

Gabz is a french person that created the Nopixel Maps.

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